Navigating Unseen Territories, Underwater to Air

In the rapidly evolving theater of modern warfare, GIDEON 0.1 stands out as a game-changer. Designed as a versatile modular platform, it seamlessly combines the strategic advantages of both naval and aerial domains, offering unparalleled operational flexibility.

GIDEON 0.1 Highlights


  • Dual-Mode Operation: Gideon 01’s unique design allows it to function both as a surface vessel and a shallow-depth submarine, ensuring adaptability in diverse mission scenarios.

  • UAV & Missile Carrier System: Beyond its navigational prowess, Gideon 01 is a formidable carrier, equipped to house and rapidly deploy a range of UAVs and missiles tailored for specific operational needs.

  • Compact & Stealthy Design: Its design prioritizes stealth, ensuring Gideon 01 remains undetected by enemy radar and sonar systems, even when carrying its full payload.

  • Advanced Propulsion & Maneuverability: With a propulsion system optimized for quick transitions between surface and underwater modes, Gideon 01 is always one step ahead in the battlefield.

  • Integrated Communication Systems: Ensuring real-time data relay and command & control, Gideon 01 is more than a carrier; it’s a central node in the network-centric warfare ecosystem.

Operational Advantages

  • Strategic Flexibility: Whether it’s launching a UAV for reconnaissance or deploying a missile for a precision strike, Gideon 0.1 offers commanders a wide array of strategic options.

  • Stealth & Surprise: Its ability to switch between surface and underwater modes ensures Gideon 01 can approach targets covertly, catching adversaries off-guard.

  • Central Command Node: Beyond its deployment capabilities, Gideon 01 can act as a relay hub, ensuring seamless communication between different assets in the operational theater.

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