Level 4 Plates Guide to Ballistic Protection

Level 4 Plates

The Ultimate Guide to Level 4 Plate: Unmatched Ballistic Protection


When it comes to personal protection in high-risk environments, Level 4 plates offer unparalleled protection. Designed to withstand armor-piercing rounds, these plates are the pinnacle of ballistic technology. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into what makes Level 4 plates the ultimate choice for ballistic protection.

What Are Level 4 Plate?

Level 4 plates are the highest-rated armor plates under the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards. These plates are rigorously tested to withstand a single hit from an armor-piercing rifle, specifically the .30-06 M2AP round, which has a mass of 166 grains and a velocity of 2880 ft/s.

Material Composition

Unlike lower-level armor plates that may use steel or UHMWPE, Level 4 plates are typically composed of advanced ceramic materials. These ceramics are not only incredibly hard but also lightweight, making them ideal for extended wear. The hardness of the ceramic material is what enables it to stop armor-piercing rounds effectively.

Calibers Level 4 Plate Can Stop

Level 4 plates are designed to stop a variety of high-caliber rounds. In addition to the .30-06 M2AP round, they can also stop:

  • 7.62×39mm MSC Russian
  • 7.62×51mm NATO
  • .338 Lapua
  • .300 Winchester Magnum

The ceramic material shatters the bullet upon impact, dispersing the energy and preventing penetration.

Understanding Ballistics

When it comes to Level 4 plates, understanding the types of ammunition they can protect against is crucial. These plates are designed to stop armor-piercing rounds like the .30-06 M2AP, but they can also effectively stop other high-velocity rifle rounds and even some machine gun rounds.

Versatility and Applications

Level 4 plates are not just for military personnel. They are also highly beneficial for law enforcement agencies, private security firms, and even civilians who require high-level protection. Their versatility makes them suitable for various high-risk scenarios, from active shooter situations to high-stakes military operations.

Why Choose Arma Gideon’s Level 4 Plates?

Arma Gideon, a leading supplier of ballistic protection solutions from Israel, offers Level 4 plates designed with precision engineering. Our plates undergo stringent quality checks to ensure maximum protection. Unlike other brands, Arma Gideon focuses on both protection and comfort, ensuring that you can wear our armor for extended periods without any discomfort.

Setting Industry Benchmarks

Arma Gideon is committed to setting new industry benchmarks. Our Level IV go beyond just meeting the standard requirements. Through rigorous research and development, we have engineered plates that offer both unparalleled protection and comfort.


Level IV plates offer unmatched protection against some of the most dangerous threats one can face in high-risk environments. When it comes to choosing the best, Arma Gideon Level IV plates are a cut above the rest, offering both superior protection and comfort.

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