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homeland defense solution​

Our company is dedicated to being the best export partner for Israeli companies in this sector, by focusing on distributing and marketing their products in regions with security needs.

Security, rescue and protection are just a small part of the applications for which we develop solutions. Our products are specially designed by Israel’s defense industry, to meet the needs of governments or organizations that are constantly at risk of terrorist attacks.

The mission of ARMA GIDEON is to provide the most modern and innovative military equipment to the armed forces and law enforcement organizations.
Our first priority and concern has always been the public’s safety andsecurity, both directly and indirectly.
Threats to a nation’s welfare and peace necessitate innovative strategies and all-encompassing technology fixes.

We have put in a lot of effort to establish ourselves as a premier international supplier of turnkey, entirelyintegrated, large-scale solutions for the HLS – Homeland Security and defense industries.

We employ our cutting-edge operational approaches, internal R&D resources, tried-and-true platforms, and a strong

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