Tactical Anti-Terror Simulation: A Game Changer

CQB Anti-Terror Simulation


Explore how ARMA GIDEON, a premier international supplier of solutions, utilizes innovative strategies and technologies to enhance homeland security and defense.




In the face of threats to national welfare and peace, innovative strategies and comprehensive technology solutions are essential. ARMA GIDEON, a leading provider of tactical and military solutions from Israel, is meeting this need by offering state-of-the-art technology from Trango Systems.


ARMA GIDEON: A Premier International Supplier

ARMA GIDEON has established itself as a premier international supplier fully integrated, large-scale solutions for the Homeland Security (HLS) and defense industries. By leveraging cutting-edge operational approaches, internal R&D resources, and tried-and-true platforms, ARMA GIDEON delivers comprehensive solutions that address a wide range of security and defense needs.


Innovative Solutions for Realistic Training

ARMA GIDEON’s tactical and military solutions, enhanced by Trango Systems‘ innovative technology, provide the flexibility needed to address the unique challenges of tactical training. These systems can be easily modified and adapted to simulate a variety of urban terrain scenarios, providing a realistic training environment that closely mirrors real-world conditions.


The World's Leading CQB Training Center.


Beyond Traditional CQB Training

Trango Systems’ solutions extend beyond traditional Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training. They include advanced modular training infrastructure that simulates realistic household settings, ideal for SWAT training. Furthermore, they offer solutions for subterranean warfare, simulating underground tunnel systems that can be used by enemy forces for stealthy movement.


The ARMA GIDEON Advantage

By offering Trango Systems’ advanced solutions, ARMA GIDEON provides a comprehensive suite of tactical and military solutions that cater to a wide range of needs. From CQB tactical training to underground warfare simulations, ARMA GIDEON solutions are designed to equip military personnel with the skills and experience they need to effectively counter terrorist threats.



ARMA GIDEON’s commitment to providing advanced tactical and military solutions, enhanced by Trango Systems’ innovative technology, sets them apart in the field of tactical and military operations. For those interested in exploring these advanced solutions, visit ARMA GIDEON Tactical Simulation Solutions.

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